Hydroguard Bladder Breather DC-HG-1

Hydroguard Bladder Breather 3/8" multi-fit, 3 micron.


• Internal check valve system creates a nearly sealed system

• Integrated nylon standpipe and clear polycarbonate casing allow for greater chemical compatibility and vibration resistance.

• Filter element captures particles at 3 micron absolute (Beta greater than or equal to 200)


Ideal for …

• Small gearboxes


• High-humidity applications


The HG-1 breather is outfitted with an expansion chamber to isolate lubricants from all levels of ambient humidity.

Des-Case hybrid breathers attack the source of contamination, allowing your equipment and lubricants to run longer and harder.


 Unit height: 7.22"

Unit Diameter: 2.52"

Shipping Weight: 0.58 lbs

Amount of Silica Gel: 0.28 lb

Adsorption Capacity: 1.68 Fl. oz.

Max Flow Rate: CFM 1.41 st 1 PSID. LPM 39.93

Filtration: 3 Meta absolute, Beta greater than or equal to 200

Operating Temp. Range: 20f-200f. 29c-93c

Filter media: Polyester

Connection Size: 3/8 (NPT)

Body Materia: Polycarbonate, nylon, polypropylene, polyester, polyurethane, buna-n, PVC.

Expansion Chamber Volume: 1.935 in.


  • Item #: DC-HG-1
  • Manufacturer: Des-Case

Des-Case (DC-HG-1) Hydroguard Bladder Breather

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