Des-Case Rebuildable Steel Breather- 42.75" (Model Dc-Rs-200)

Des-Case DC-RS-200 Rebuildable Steel Breather, 4" NPT; 1 micron; 42.75" high; 23.5" wide; 200 lbs; Adsorption capacity 9.51 gal. Des-Case Breathers Prevent Water and Particulate Contamination In Oil and Related Fluids; Rust and Corrosion Inside Container; Chemical Reactions and Spoilage. Des-Case Breathers Increase Oil and Oil Filter Life, Reduces Abrasive Wear, Downtime and Repair Costs. Use Des-Case Breathers For Improved Lubricant Performance. The 1-Micron Pleated Filter Has a very Large Surface Area, Resulting in Long Service Life. It is Easily Replaced Without Removing the Breather from the Surface. The Steel Breathers Accommodate Large Air Flow Rates with Minimal Pressure Drops.


Rebuild Kit: (DC-RS-200-RK)

  • Item #: DC-RS-200
  • Manufacturer: Des-Case
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: DC-RS-200

Des-Case (DC-RS-200) Rebuildable Steel Breather- 42.75"

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