Luminol TR (55 gal drum) High-Efficiency Electrical Insulating Fluids

Luminol TR  (55 gal drum) High-Efficiency Electrical Insulating Fluids. Luminol provides the following benefits vs. naphthenics: significantly less corrosive, far greater oxidative stability, greater heat transfer rates, more biodegradable, and improved power factor just to name a few.

For Type I and Type II applications. Offers the added safety of negative gassing technology, and improved low temperature performance.

  • Negative gassing to reduce the risk of failure from hydrogen gas bubbles
  • Improved low temperature properties (CSA-C50 Class A)
  • For use in large power and distribution transformers operating at peak capacity:
    • LUMINOL TR for Type I applications
    • LUMINOL TRi for Type II applications
  • Also for use in free-breathing units, pad mount, and pole mount transformers
  • Excellent heat transfer characteristics and oxidation stability
  • High dielectric impulse strength and low power-factor (dielectric loss) for improved performance under severe conditions
  • Full compatibility with existing naphthenic insulating oils

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  • Item #: LUM-TR
  • Manufacturer: Petro Canada

Luminol TR Electrical Insulating Fluids (55 gal drum) $15.14/gal

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