Donaldson Portable Fluid Analysis Kit

The Portable FluidAnalysis Kit (P/N: PFAK-1) is designed to monitor particulate contamination in hydrocarbon-based hydraulic fluids, bulk chemicals, and lubrication oils.  You can quickly and easily obtain the ISO or NAS particle count range of a given sample by simply pulling a 25ml volume of oil over the patch membrane filter, viewing the particle distribution through a 100x microscope, and then comparing the sample particle distribution with photographs shown in the Comparison Guide.  The ISO or NAS Particle Count can be reliably determined in about 10 minutes. The following components are included in the kit:


The WaterAnalysis Test Kit is designed to quickly give you an accurate assessment of water content in a wide variety of petroleum-based fluids.It is a very compactkitthat is easy to use, and it will give you an indication of water content to the nearest 100 PPM in about 5-minutes. 


  • Item #: PWATK-1
  • Manufacturer: Oil Filtration Systems
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: PWATK-1

Complete Portable Fluid Analysis Kit (Particulate & Water)

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